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Rongchang always takes innovation as the fundamental power for company development. While relieving the patients’ pain and enhancing the quality of their lives,the company also grows stronger.

In 1993, the company developed its unique product “Gangtai”Anti-hemorrhoids Patch, which optimally combines the theory of traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology,and invented a unique type of tablet in the world that requires pasting the active ingredients on the navel, which changes the traditional way of hemorrhoids treatment and makes it more easy and pleasant to solve the problem.Then the company successively developed Gangtai Anti-hemorrhoids Ointment and Anti-hemorrhoids Suppository, etc.The company’s Sweet Dream Oral Liquid/Capsule product is also developed from integrating traditional recipe and modern theories and technologies, and has showed reliable efficacy in the clinical application for insomnia, depression and anxiety. 

Currently, the company has production licenses for more than 90 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, 13 kinds of dosage form, 16 production lines and the annual output value is up to 2 billion Yuan.


In 1997, Rongchang entered into the field of new biologics research and development and began to develop the antitumor biological drug Vascular Endothelial Growth Inhibitor (Endu)in 1998, which gained the New Drug Certificate in 2005. In 2008, Rongchang established RemeGen, Ltd. jointly with Professor Fang Jianmin, a Chinese scientist in America. The new company is dedicated to the development of innovative biologic drugs for serious human diseases like tumor and autoimmunity disorders.

In April 2011, “Tai’ai I Phase Clinical Research” was approved by China Food and Drug Administration. At present, Tai’ai has entered the II and III phase of clinical study. 

In September 2015, the new anti-tumor drug RC48 developed by Remegen Ltd. was approved to enter the phase of clinical study by China Food and Drug Administration. ADC drug is a new generation anti-tumor drug and RC48 is the first ADC drug in China that has been approved to enter the phase of clinical trial for human subject. It not only fills the gap in China’s clinical research of ADC drugs, but also marks that China has made breakthrough development in the R&D and production field of ADC drugs.

At present, in addition to “Tai’ai” and RC48, the company also has multiple other innovative biological new drugs which are still in the phase of preclinical study. 

The company also has built advanced world-class R&D platform for new biological drugs. In 2011, the company built the Joint Platform and Development Base for New Biological Drugs for the R&D and production of new biological drugs jointly with Tongji University and the Managing Committee of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone. Now two key technological platforms,respectively, themammalian cell expression (CHO) and the antibody drug conjugates (ADC) have been completed, which meet the standards of both China and Euro-American GMP biologic workshop and quality assurance system and the annual output value is up to 5 billion Yuan.