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People first as an ultimate mission


For more than 20 years, Rongchang has established an advanced and dignified corporate culture with distinct features, which provide infinite power for achieving the great mission of the company. 

Our Tenet: pursue the maximal company value.

Our Mission: improve the quality of life with science.

For Rongchang, human life is the most important and valuable. We take it as our sacred mission to serve for human health, develop advanced drugs with reliable efficacy for serious and common diseases to relieve the pain of patients, improve the quality of their lives and extend their healthy lifespan with the power of science. 

Our Vision: be the best pharma in China.

Our Core Value: human oriented, customer centered, performance guided, and integrity operation.

Our Concept: challenge the impossible.

Our Slogan: inscribing Rongchang into the history and write ourselves into the history of Rongchang.


Brand Image: an emerging player in the field of innovative new drugs in the world.

Our Spirit: independence, confidence, self-consciousness,self-discipline, and self-encouragement.

Corporate Identity: the transformation of “R”- the first letter of “Rongchang” is like the big bird roc flying in the broad sky. It symbolizes the company’s rapid development and embodies the company’s concept of “always take the challenge of new possibilities” and also the corporate spirit of great ambitions, enterprising and pursuit of excellence.