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Keep pace with the times and create a bright future

For more than 20 years, Rongchang constantly explores and thinks about the mission of the company and the fundamental ways of management. At present, many kinds of common, frequently-occurring and serious diseases are jeopardizing people’s lives due to ineffective treatment. Rongchang takes human life as the most important and valuable things and are striking for excellence in the R&D and production of pharmaceutical products to relieve the patients’ pain and fulfill its sacred mission of enhancing the quality of lifewith science. 

Look into the future, Rongchang has set up a scientific and systematic strategic plan. Firstly, the company will continue to strengthen its Chinese herbal medicine; Secondly, the company will develop 6 to 8 innovative biologic drugs and push them into market; thirdly, the company will establish as a leader in the industry in terms of the outsourcing of biologic drug services. The company will first expand and enhance its position in domestic market and meanwhile actively explore international markets, and make unified planning for synergy development of both the domestic and overseas markets, so as to realize its aim of becoming the best pharmaceutical company in China and maximally realize company value during the process of serving the patients and enhancing the quality of life.

Rongchang’s brand image is a flying big bird roc with spread wings. Just like the roc, the company shoulders the sacred mission of extending the human’s healthy lifespan and enhancing the quality of life. We are sure to create a bright future with the power of science.