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Company Profile

Established in March 1993, Rongchang Pharmaceuticals,Ltd.is located at No.56 Beijing Middle Road, Yantai Economic Development Zone. For more than 20 years, the company has grown into a modern pharmaceutical enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of modern Chinese medicine and biological drugs. Currently, the company has multiple subsidiaries, including Rongchang Pharmaceuticals (Zibo), Ltd., Beijing Rongchang Medical Research Institute, Yantai Lida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Remegen, Ltd. and Mabplex International Ltd.

Rongchang and its associated companies have gained production licenses for more than 90 drugs, among those the predominant products are Anti-hemorrhoids and Sweet Dream drug series.

In 1993, Rongchang initiated the new therapy for hemorrhoids by pasting sparadrap on the navel and developed the new product “Gangtai” which is a new type of tablet, integrating the modern technology of concentration, transdermal delivery, slow release and sticking therapy, which was included in the national confidential category. Then the company successively developed Gangtai Anti-hemorrhoids Ointment and Anti-hemorrhoids Suppository, etc. which established its unique position in the field of anti-hemorrhoids drugsand has won wide recognition in the market.

The Sweet Dream Oral Liquid and Sweet Dream Capsule series are psychotropic drugs that can tonify the kidneys and soothe the nerves. The unique pharmacological mechanism and prominent clinical efficacy of these products have been recognized by the doctors and patients. The“Sweet Dream” has become a leading brand for the clinical treatment of insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc. 

In addition, other products like Brain and Kidney Tonifying Pill, Folium Isatid series, Famotidine Calcium Magnesium Chewing Tablets, Pediatric Anti Asthma Oral Liquid, Women Comfort Liquid, and Compound Schizonepeta-steam Lotionare also widely recognized by the doctors and patients. 

Rongchang always follows the global pharmaceutical trends and became the first biological new drug company in China. In 2005, the company cooperated with a famous Chinese scientist in America and successfully developed the A Class new biological anti-tumor drug “Endu”(rh-Endostatin), which marked that China was in the leading position in the world in the R&D of vasoinhibitor type anti-tumor drugs. In 2008, Rongchang established RemeGen, Ltd. jointly with the famous Chinese Professor Fang Jianmin, dedicated to the original formulation of innovative biological drugs.

At present, the company has 8 national level innovative biological new drugs, among which, one has been included in the National 863 Program, 7 has been included in the National Key Special Project of New Drug Development. The innovative new biological drug “Tai’ai” has entered the II and III phase of clinical research, which is mainly used for the treatment of autoimmunity diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis; And the ADC new anti-tumor drug RC48, which is mainly used for the treatment of tumor diseases such as gastric cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and esophagus cancer, has been approved to enter the phase of clinical research by China Food and Drug Administration and became the first ADC drug in China that has been approved to enter the phase of clinical trial for human subject. It not only fills the gap in China’s clinical research of ADC drugs, but also marks that China has made breakthrough development in the R&D and production field of ADC drugs. 

In 2011, the company started enterprise-university cooperation with Tongji University and the Managing Committee of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, and jointly built the Joint Platform and Development Base for New Biological Drugs for the R&D and production of new biological drugs. On October 25, 2012,Tongji University and Yantai People’s Government jointly signed the University-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement. As part of the agreement, Tongji University, Managing Committee of Yantai Development Zone, and Remegen, Ltd. signed the “Agreement about Setting up Tongji University Yantai Academy and Joint Establishment of International Cooperative Biotechnology Company” for a higher level of cooperation.

The company has been awarded various honors successively by the governments, including Hi-tech Enterprise, Key Hi-tech Enterprise in the National Torch Program, National (Enterprise) Incubation Base for Innovative New Drugs, Shandong Industrialization Pilot Enterprise of National Comprehensive New Drug R&D Technical Platform, Antibody Drug Engineering R&D Center of Shandong Province, Engineering Technology R&D Center of Shandong Province, Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province, Modern Technology Pilot Enterprise of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Manufacturing Industry Informatization Pilot Enterprise of Shandong Province, etc.

Many government leaders have showed their care and support for the company’s development. The former President, General Secretary of the CPC central committee and Chairman of Central Military Commission Hu Jintao, the former Chairman of NPC Standing Committee Wu Bangguo, Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee Wang Guangying and Zhou Guangzhao have successively visited the company. The former vice Premier of the State Council Zhang Gaoli has also visited the company for several times and he highly praised the company’s achievements and expressed his great expectations.  

In the future, we will take it as our mission to enhance the quality of life with science, aim to become the best pharmaceutical company in China, and make efforts to develop drugs of good efficacy, reliable quality and reasonable prices for serious, frequently-occurring and common diseases to relieve the pain of patients, improve the quality of their lives and extend their healthy lifespan, and meanwhile maximally fulfill the company’s value.