Dazhong Daily and Other News Media Report Wang Liqiang’s Attendance at First Session of 13th CPPCC Shan Dong Provincial Committee
2023-04-07 14:46:59

Wang Liqiang, CEO of Rongchang Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. and Chairman of Rongchang Pharmaceuticals(Zibo), Ltd. attended the “Two Sessions” meeting of Shan Dong which kicked off on January 12. With his study of the Government Work Report, he talked about his work and how he would perform his duty as a CPPCC member of Shandong Provincial Committee when interviewed by mainstream media like Dazhong daily and Shandong TV.


Xiaoer Dingchuan Oral Liquid developed by Rongchang Pharmaceuticals(Zibo), Ltd. was highlighted in the article, Strengthen Every Link in the Innovation Chain, on page 03 of Dazhong Daily published on January 13. Treating lung fever, cough, and ashma in children, the product was in high demand during the COVID 19 epidemic. The article said that noting that the drug was clinically effective for childhood variant asthma, and that there was currently no highly effective drug for treating the disease, the company soon started the development of the drug for the second time. At present, Rongchang has conducted a national multicenter clinical study for new indications. For this, Wang Liqiang said that: “If the enterprises can play a decisive role in the allocation of innovation resources, it will be conducive for them to break down the barriers to innovation.”

Wang Liqiang said that establishing a market-oriented mechanism for technological innovation, in which enterprises play a leading role, industries universities and research institutes are highly integrated, would facilitate the realization of innovation-driven growth and high-quality development. In December 2022, aiming to attract top talents and build the best R&D team for new drugs, together with universities and research institutions Rongchang Pharmaceuticals(Zibo), Ltd. built a platform for innovative drugs of TCM.

1673917555168029.pngShandong News of Shandong TV reported 2023 Shandong “Two Sessions” on January 14, in the program under the title of Composing “Shandong Chapter” of Chinese Modernization in Five Years. In the program, Wang Liqiang stated: “Leading enterprises are crucial to the high-quality development of the industrial economy, and so is innovation to the development of companies. The report of 2023 “Two Sessions” helps me realize that we will be committed in growing our companies and even revitalizing Shandong province by innovation.”


A special feature on Wang Liqiang was published on the column “Meeting Room of The Two Sessions” of Dazhong Daily on January 14. The article quoted from the Government Work Report of Shandong province “Use innovation-driven strategy to improve comprehensive development.” “One company has limited capacity, top research and development teams should work together on innovation of TCM to build key & core technology.” he said. It is one of the most important tasks for building a better Shandong province initiative, and the key for better development. Wang Liqiang firmly believed it.



Wheninterviewed by reporters of Lightning News of iqilu.com, Wang Liqiang said: “Those satisfying numbers from the Government Work Report, which summed up the development achievements of the past five years systematically, reflected the hard work of the people in Shandong.” “After comprehending the report, we will carry it out, and we will be committed in building an advanced innovation platform, working together to transform R&D projects into state-of-the-art technology solutions so that we will have a say in our own industry segment and the global market.” said Wang Liqiang.