Rongchang Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Holds Strategic Cooperation Meeting with Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd.
2021-06-21 17:32:00

On the afternoon of March 21, a strategic cooperation meeting was held between Rongchang Pharmaceuticals and Huadong Medicine at the Rongchang Biomedical Industrial Park. Wang Liqiang, CEO of Rongchang Pharmaceuticals, and Zhu Li, Business General Manager of Huadong Medicine, attended the meeting and gave addresses, and the relevant departments and regional leaders of both sides attended the meeting.

1679554545416631.jpgAt the beginning of the meeting, Wang Liqiang extended a warm welcome to Zhu Li and her team, and thanked Huadong Medicine for its strong support to Rongchang Pharmaceuticals over the past 30 years. CEO Qiang said he hoped to further cooperate with Huadong Medicine to enhance the level of cooperation, carry out in-depth cooperation in the formulation of market strategy, allocation of high-quality resources, etc., to achieve overall improvement of efficiency and benefit, and to concentrate on the benefit of new drugs to more patients, and jointly promote the realization of the Healthy China strategy.

In her speech, Zhu Li said that Rongchang Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. is unique among domestic pharmaceutical companies, its innovative gene is “native”, and it is not easy to develop such a good product independently with the spirit of self-reliance. As a comprehensive large pharmaceutical commercial company with leading scale and strength in China, Huadong Medicine’s business covers hospital direct sales, commercial picking, fast drug batching and terminal distribution. The cooperation with Rongchang Pharmaceuticals is a strong combination with complementary advantages. It is expected that both sides will create a win-win situation through strategic measures such as market access and overall upgrading of business status.


At the meeting, Wang Liqiang and Zhu Li signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties, which marked a new stage of in-depth cooperation between Rongchang Pharmaceuticals an d Huadong Medicine.


Before the meeting, Zhu Li and her team visited the Yantai International Biopharmaceutical Valley Exhibition Center and Rongchang biological laboratories.