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Management Core Members
  • Weidong Wang


    >25 years entrepreneurship experience in the pharma sector
    Founder of Rongchang Pharmaceuticals Ltd., co-founder of Remegen
    Dedicated to the Company’s entering into the development of innovative biologics since 1997
    Outstanding Private Entrepreneur in Shandong Province, China
    Representative of 13th National People’s Congress
  • Dr. Liqiang Wang


    D.B.A. United Business Institutes (UBI, Brussels)
    >20 years experience in the pharma sector
    Extensive experience in management of development, production, marketing and sales
    Elected in 2019 as the vice chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of the Pharmaceutical Industry, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
    Representative of Yantai Municipal People's Congress
Scientific Committee Core Members
  • Dr. Jianmin Fang

    Scientific Committee Chair

    Ph.D. Dalhousie University in Canada and Post-Doctor fellow at Harvard Medical School
    >20 years experience in biopharma R&D, including >10 years in the U.S.
    Co-founder of Remegen. Startup experience in Silicon Valley
    Numerous publications in top academic journals and >40 drug invention patents
    Inventor of combercept
    Member of Scientific Advisory Board for China’s National Major Drug Innovation Program administrated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Health of China
  • Dr. Daotian Fu

    Scientific Committee member

    Ph.D. Iowa State University and Post-Doctorate fellow at University of Georgia complex sugar research center and Harvard Medical School
    >20 years U.S. pharma R&D experience
    Extensive experience in clinical and listing applications in the United States and internationally
    Vice President and Executive Director of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group, Director of Epirus Biopharma from 2012 to 2018
  • Dr. Ruyi He

    Scientific Committee member

    Medical degree from China Medical University; completed his intern and residency training in Internal Medicine at Howard University Hospital
    Practice as a physician in USA
    Officer in the CDER, U.S. FDA from 1999 to 2016
    Chief Scientist at the Center for Drug Evaluation at the NMPA in China from 2016 to 2018